Our Staff

Like any great company, our staff is not just a company – we’re a team and a family! Brought together for our mutual talent and passion for all things computer-y, we’re all dedicated to ensuring our clients are provided the best support on offer. Come and meet us!

Daniel – Creator of Worlds

Owner & Developer of GreenSquid Solutions and future spaceship owner.
Dan’s devotion to the company does not allow him much in the way of free time, but in what little time he has he enjoys debating theoretical time travel and gaming.

Emma – Constructor of the Frontend

Emma is our Junior Frontend Developer whose love of fabulous boybands is only rivalled by her limitless hatred of the train service.
In her free time she enjoys learning Japanese, drinking coffee and running at odd times of the day.

Deniz – The Backend Architect

An enthusiastic individual with a passion to learn and improve. Who enjoys socialising with friends, spending time with family, learning the piano and coding. Proud owner of an amazing royal black short-hair cat.

Matthew – Destroyer of Worlds

Matthew is the latest addition to our staff as our Junior QA. An avid fan of reading too many tabletop RPG books and a lover of science fiction, horror and fantasy both in fiction and gaming.

Jamie – Keeper of Knowledge

As a Trainee Web Developer, Jamie is currently learning the ropes. Outside of work, Jamie enjoys casual gaming, visiting London and obsessing over the cuteness of dogs’ paws, but above all else he enjoys donning his pointy ears whilst indulging in a little Star Trek.

Vidya – The Fire Knight

Happy Squid Vidya is an artist who is in charge of creating new imaginary world for the Squiddy troops. When she’s not in front of her computer drawing, her whereabouts is unknown. Last seen running around with a fire breathing dragon.

Rodney – The Comedy Gamer

Rodney is our Apprentice Games developer, skilled in creating games for Android, iOS, PC and Macs’ and soon to be lost in the realms of Virtual reality!

Rodney enjoys playing ridiculously hard and challenging video games… if he’s not throwing the controller at the TV then he just isn’t having fun!