Bespoke Solutions

Bring your idea to life

When you have a concept for an app or piece of software, getting it off the ground from idea to project and then from project to finished product can seem like an impossible challenge. Fortunately GreenSquid has both the breadth and depth of expertise and experience to help your ideas along the road of development into a final output that matches your vision. Our bespoke development services cover an enormous range of platforms and technical capabilities, from games to social media to responsive websites to rich applications and more. Just some of the bespoke solutions we’ve built for our clients include

When you aren’t sure what CMS, programming language, technology or even output format you want for your idea, GreenSquid can consult and advise as well as build to whatever requirements you have. From a fully realised scope and project plan to a nebulous concept with lots of arm-waving or maybe some scribbles on the back of a napkin, we can help.

From the next Angry Birds to a revolutionary new private browser – or anything in between – get in touch to discuss your ideas or give us a call on 020 7993 5040 today.